How you can buy your HGV licence

If you are thinking of driving a large goods vehicle for the career of yours, you will have to obtain a brand new licence.

Heavy goods automobiles include lorries, coaches and buses. If operating among these is a tremendous section of the work of yours, you will have to go for a four part test referred to as Driver Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC).


What is required to apply for the CPC?

Just before you use for the CPC, you have to buy the provisional HGV licence of yours. To put on for one of those you will need a complete car licence and be more than 18.

The category you use for is dependent upon what vehicle you wish to drive. When you understand this, you will have to download as well as fill out the D2 as well as D4 order forms out of the DVLA.

The D2 is the application form for the licence. The D4 is filled out by the GP of yours, or maybe a private firm which specializes in drivers’ health examinations. An optician may have to fill in the department about the eyesight of yours.

After this you send these towards the DVLA at no cost. All being good, you need to get the licence of yours within three weeks of the application of yours.

Just what does the CPC test involve?

When you’ve your provisional licence you are able to use for the CPC test.

The test is composed of 4 parts: an idea test, case studies, a traveling skill evaluation as well as the useful demonstration. You will need to pass all these to get the complete CPC.

This’s until you have’ acquired rights’ which essentially means your current driving experience is sufficient to pass the CPC.

Do I need the full CPC?

Whenever the primary component of the work of yours is operating an HGV then you will require the full driver CPC.

in case you are not traveling as a living, for instance if you drive for a pastime, carry goods or passengers non commercially next you do not have the complete driver CPC. You will need to pass the concept and driving ability areas of the check however.

The complete list of driver CPC exemptions are available on the government site.

What documents do I have to get to the CPC assessments?

You will have to bring some kind of ID to each one of these assessments, this may be:

  • An excellent Britain photocard driving licence
  • A Northern Ireland photocard licence as well as newspaper counterpart
  • An EU photocard driving licence (and newspaper counterpart, in case you’ve one)

When you do not have these, you are able to bring the paper licence of yours and a passport.

Driver CPC part one: The theory

This consists of 2 components, hazard perception test as well as a multiple choice.

The assessments are booked separately, though you are able to finish them on the very same day. Each test must be completed within 2 years of one another though.

Multiple choice

The multiple choice examination lasts for one hour as well as fifty five minutes and consists of hundred several choice questions. In order to pass you have to score eighty five marks out of hundred.

Hazard perception

The hazard perception test has nineteen videos, each have twenty building hazards to spot. To pass this you have to score sixty seven out of hundred.

When you have passed both parts you will get a certificate. You will require it if you reserve your Driver CPC part three driving test.

The certification is valid for 2 seasons from if you passed the very first part of the test of yours.

Driver CPC part two: Case studies

If you are not using the HGV of yours for the living of yours you will not have to have this component of the test.

This particular evaluation is made up of 7 case research based on situations you are more likely to run into while driving a big car.

You will be directed 6 to 8 multiple choice thoughts on each case study. It usually lasts for an hour as well as fifteen minutes as well as the pass mark is forty out of fifty.

When passed you will receive a letter that is valid for 2 years. There will be a reference number on this that you will have to put on for part four of the CPC.

Driver CPC part three examine:

Driving capacity You will need to go for this test whether you are traveling recreationally or even for a living.

In addition to the appropriate information, you have to provide a lorry, bus or maybe advisor that conforms to the standards set away by the DVLA.

The useful test lasts an hour as well as thirty minutes, it includes:

  1. Automobile safety questions
  2. Useful street driving
  3. Off-road exercises
  4. Automobile safety questions

Such as a regular driving test, you will be asked’ show me, inform me’ concerns. Several instances are:

  • Show me the way you will check that all of the doors like cargo doors are secure
  • Tell me the way you will check out the problem of the suspension on this particular vehicle
  • The complete list of questions are available on the government site.
  • Useful street driving

In the useful street driving test, the examiner is going to assess just how you:

  1. Make use of the car controls
  2. Go away at an angle (downhill) and uphill
  3. Perform a controlled stop
  4. Use your mirrors
  5. Pick suitable signalling
  6. Are knowledgeable and anticipate the motives of various other road users
  7. Handle the progress of yours and control the speed of yours
  8. Deal with hazards
  9. Quit in a secure place
  10. You will additionally need to do ten minutes of independent driving.
  11. Off-road exercises

These consist of an’ S’ shaped reverse right into a bay. When you are spending the test of yours with a trailer, you will need to exhibit the uncoupling and also recoupling (detaching and attaching) process also.

Driver CPC test part four: in-vehicle demonstration

You simply have to take this part in case you drive as a living. In addition to the correct documentation, because this test you have to bring along the lorry of yours, coach or bus.

You will be examined on:

  • Loading the car safely and preventing it sound.
  • The ability of yours to stop trafficking in immigrants that are illegal.
  • Emergency situations, and just how you cope with them.
  • Decreasing bodily risks to yourself and others.
  • Completing a walk around car security check.

In order to pass you have to score no less than 15 out of twenty in each topic area and also have a general score of eighty out of hundred.

What occurs when I forget any of these assessments?

With each one of these tests, in case you fail you are able to book another test immediately, but you cannot get it for one more three working days.

What goes on when I pass the CPC?

Assuming you have passed all 4 of those assessments you will be sent a Driver CPC card, commonly known as as a’ driver qualification card’ or’ DQC’.

When you drive expertly plus you are not holding the card you can wind up with a fixed penalty of £50. You are able to acquire professionally in case you have passed all of the tests and you are awaiting your Driver CPC card however.

Assuming you have passed the concept and driving capacity examinations, the licence of yours is going to be returned with the code hundred one – not for reward or hire (not for profit) on it.

You will have to renew the bus of yours or maybe lorry licence every 5 years after this, whenever you reach sixty five you will have to renew it each year.